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DuckCraftPvP Network DuckCraftPvP Description: Hi, We are a network that is aiming to have ever game mode on minecraft but also have high quality gamemodes with no errors or bugs. We are looking to Be the best of the best networks but also be user friendly and have lots of active and pro-active systems / staff / players. DuckCraftPvP Network Links:

  • Server IP:
  • Server Website:
  • Discord:
Bonus Features To DuckCraftPvP Network:
  • Active mods and admins
  • Amazing plugins for an awesome experience.
  • Many Epic Gamemodes
  • New and rare gamemodes
  • Good economy
  • Regular Updates
  • Friendly players
  • Large maps
  • 99% Up-time
  • Hosted on a dedicated server with fiber internet, Always fast
  • Active Backups
  • We use Via Version to let any minecraft client from 1.9 and up join :)
Current Game Modes:
  • Factions
  • More coming soon
The Fun Begins At..... DuckCraftPvP Network