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+----------------------------+ Main server activites +----------------------------+ Factions: Standard factions, no add-ons. mainly used for land claiming Creative: Massive 100x100 plots, you may claim one more if you are a good builder Sky Block: You can choose between a nice looking deluxe island or other basic ones +----------------------------+ Other server activites +----------------------------+ Spleef: Just a regular spleef arena Parkour: 18 levels with varius difficulties Maze: Massive maze up to 4 players PvP-Arena: Large arena with different biomies +----------------------------+ Other information +----------------------------+ Host: Plugins: 38 Location: Europe +----------------------------+ Random facts +----------------------------+ I am 18 years old I have about 4 years experience making servers I made this server myself (mostly) +----------------------------+ End-of-file +----------------------------+